The animations

The UESS proposes original animations in its amphitheater composed of twenty desks (40 people maximum) and dedicated to the sensory analysis. It is about multiple themes like the creation of perfume, the discovery of the essential oils, the initiation to oenology, etc ... in classic formula or in team-building formula Since July 2018, unique of its kind, Artemisia museum, is a place of discovery, pedagogy and experiences around the perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants of Haute Provence.

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The Amphitheater can accommodate up to 40 people in assembly during your business meetings, thanks to its surface of 75m ².
Verbena room
The Verveine Room with an area of 75m² can accommodate your meetings up to 15 people, or an assembly of 60 people.

classic formula The perfumer's workshop

The world of perfumery opens its doors, reveals its secrets and its history.

Let yourself be guided through the main stages of the creation of a perfume and discover the raw materials that go into its composition.

Like a professional, using the equipment at your disposal and thanks to the personalized advice of our expert, create a perfume to your image.

The +: each participant leaves with his personalized eau de toilette in 100 ml

team-building formula The perfumer's workshop

In front of a perfumer's organ presenting 48 raw materials, the participants in the team must recreate as faithfully as possible a eau de toilette from a formula whose elements have been intentionally erased. Participants will consult each other, using their inspiration to find the missing ingredients or doses. At the end of this phase of creation, our perfumer will designate the winning team.

The +: The winning team receives as a gift a box of olfactory books (value 30 €)

Free tour Artemisia museum

A visit in autonomy, at your own pace, according to your desires

Unique in its kind, Artemisia museum is a place of discovery, pedagogy and experiences around scented, aromatic and medicinal plants from Haute Provence.

This visit formula invites your group to discover the Artemisia museum at its own pace and according to its desires. The course is designed for all lovers of aromatic plants, aromatic, medicinal, of all ages, novices or enthusiasts, from 10 years.